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Vaastu Shastra is the textual format of “ Vaastu Vidya” which is followed by traditional architects of Hindu system. Hindu mythology says that Vaastu Vidya is practised by divine architect Vishwakarma to construct the buildings. This Vaastu Shastra is widely practised in Hinduism and Buddhism, where Vaastu is a Sanskrit word which means dwelling and Shastra means “ Knowledge or doctrine”. Only experts in Vaastu can handle it properly. Unlike Vaastu Vidya its Shastra is well structured and organized, were it has layout design, protocols of space alignment and constructional procedures to be followed. Vaastu Shastra is the representation of highly integrated and structured architectural designs in it which involves geometric patterns i.e. Yantra, directional alignments and symmetry. Vaastu Shastra involves 8 gods for 8 directions like God Indra for East and Goddess Lakshmi for West.

As the best Online Vaastu consultant Shanker Narrayan provides accurate consulting services for your household and also for business sites whether it is in complete or in-complete form. He will help you in suggesting the right Yantra’s and Pyramids according to the problems faced by you in your life. His suggestive approach has highly helped huge number of people in attaining success in their life.

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