Every human has a hidden energy inside them in some different form, this hidden energy can be stimulated by continuous meditation and yoga practices. Handling hidden energy might be an supernatural approach in today’s date, but our ancestors handled it in a more simple and normal way. Our ancestors has communicated with each other through telepathy in long distances and also with dead people by breaking the layers. This process of stimulating hidden energy is simply termed as “ Yoga” which means unification of your thoughts. Performing yoga helps you in improving the concentration and brings your focus into a single mind. Meditation and yoga are the coupled up energy boosters which are evolving since the medieval ages in every civilization.

Forms Of Yoga

Yoga is not only about doing meditation but also involving in activities which gives you inner peace and provides divinal upliftement, it is classified into four major categories Bakthi yoga, Karma yoga, Raja yoga, Gana yoga.

Stimulating Your Hidden Energy

Mr. Shanker Narrayan helps you in attaining the spiritual stage which you want to reach in your life, his 17 years of exposure will be a pleasing guide for your devotional journey in reaching the eternity. He is known for providing diversified yoga training in stimulating your hidden energy and introduce you to an entirely new world. His perfect guidance will help you to travel in the right direction and find out which yoga approach is suitable, whether it is external yoga like Pranamaasanam or internal yoga like Pranaayama (breath control).

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