Palmistry is the process which involves the study of one’s palm lines and predicting their future. Experts involved in Palmistry  or chiromancy were known as palmists, Online palm reading, palm analysts or chirologists. Approach towards palmistry varies according to the culture and people who practised it, this palmistry has evolved over every civilization originated in this earth.
Future prediction for an individual is done based on the structure of your palm line. Similar to Vaastu Shastra,Online Palmistry is carried out by comparing our palm structure with Pancha Boothas ( water, earth, air, sky, fire) which is considered to have supernatural powers in Hindu mythology. Hands which are broad and square shaped are termed as “ Earth” hand, while people having rectangular palms with long fingers are known as “ Air” hand.

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Mr. Shanker Narrayan provides complete palmistry analysis for you in analyzing your trio-life, he is having rich experience in palmistry by providing the most veracious consultation for more than 17 years to world wide clients. Apart from prediction making he is more suggestive regarding your approach in future by acting as a proper guru.

As the best Vaastu consultant Shanker Narrayan provides accurate consulting services for your household and also for business sites whether it is in complete or in-complete form. He will help you in suggesting the right Yantra’s and Pyramids according to the problems faced by you in your life. His suggestive approach has highly helped huge number of people in attaining success in their life.

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