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According to Hindu Vedas and Puraanas gems are considered to be the most precious stones possessing spiritual powers. There are totally 9 stones which are termed as “ Navaratnas” in India. These 9 stones are the representative of nine planets which has special characters and unique powers. They are Diamond, Emerald, Coral, Pearl, Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Ruby, Hassonite and Cat’s eye. The existence of these stones in 9 different colors is due to its absorbing nature of different colored rays.

The process of suggesting proper gems for an individual based on their stars and its orbital axis is known as gemology and the experts were known as “ Gemologist”. These experts will carry out detailed study about your horoscope and its related stars and suggest you the right gem stone.

Best Gemology Consulting Service

Mr. Shanker Narrayan is known for his best gemology based consultations. His huge experience in this field has helped in the upliftment of various individual’s life. Lot of people have succeeded in their life and overcome from diseases due to the suggestions given by him in terms of wearing gem stones. He has provided consultation for his world wide clients by enlightening their future. These gem stones are worn by combining it with any metals like copper, silver, gold and diamond in the form of ring. As an experienced gemologist he prefers this combination because it has some special medical healing power and also spiritual power. Further talking deep about these gem stones it is not worn single, instead it is worn as a combination of two or three stones according to the disease and misfortune.

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This gemstone have the capacity to heal eyesight problems and most importantly it gives you self motivation.


Yellow Sapphire

This is the representative of Jupiter planet Wearing Yellow Sapphire will give you honour,prosperity and success in your life.



It is the representative of planet Mercury and considered to be the most influencing gemstone in the entire lot.


Blue Sapphire

It is known as the representative of Saturn and used for eliminating and fighting against negative energy.



Preferable gemstone for people belong to Virgo and Libra by bringing them fame
and luck.


Cats Eye

This stone is referred as the representative of Kethu or Moon’s south node. It has some special features of bringing profit & reopening the business.



This gemstone is used since Bronze Age, it is recommended to be worn with Silver metal and resembles Fire element.


Coral Pearl

it acts as a healer in various ways like reliving your mental stress, reliving from severe fire wounds and protects from black magic.


Yellow Scapolite

This stone is particularly used to sort out your life issues and also used as a healing power for your upper parts of the body.


Black Opel

Black opal is specifically used forrelieving stress, bone fractures and known for providing equanimity and calmness in your life.



It is available in various colors and used as a healer for various life issues like accidents,mental stress & increases your haemoglobin level.


Blood Stone

it has the potential to heal the stomach and bowel pain and it has a great influence towards bladder.


Black Scapolite Cats Eye

This stone is particularly used to sort out your life issues and also used as a healing power for your upper parts of the body.


Avengerine Green

This stone is highly connected with Earth and absorbs its energy, it highly helps in children physical growth.

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