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Proper consultation will be provided for your life issues using respective occult art method.


Astrology is a generic term where Horoscope is a specific term when it comes to…


Numerology is also an occult art which is based on predictive analysis of numbers.


According to Hindu Vedas and Puraanas gems are considered to be the most precious…


Vaastu Shastra is the textual format of “ Vaastu Vidya” which is followed by traditional…


Palmistry is the process which involves the study of one’s palm lines and predicting…


Face Reading is the process of interpreting your future by analyzing the face.


Every human has a hidden energy inside them in some different form…

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Mr. Shanker Narrayan has vast experience in all the major occult art, he is known for his personalized consultation and giving proper suggestion.


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Mr. Shanker Narrayan is the most famous and best astrologer having vast experience in this field by providing worldwide consultation service. His highly devoted astrology service has been very helpful for lot of clients all these years. He is providing this service for more than 11 years to a huge set of people. He is highly suggestive for every individual by framing out accurate prediction. He is highly expertise in calculating your horoscope and predicting the future. As a passionate youngster, ee started his astrology service at the age of 26 and expanded it into numerology, Gemology, Vaastu, Fortune Telling and Hidden energy.

Our Products

Solve your life mysteries by using proper occult products



Pyramid for Education – Powerful
Pyramids for students success

A pyramid is considered as a geometrical object made of four equilateral triangle which is fixed over an square base. This gives us an apex like shape and it is used in spiritual concepts of various civilizations.


Gemstones For Health Benefits
and Gain Peace

According to Hindu Vedas and Puraanas gems are considered to be the most precious stones possessing spiritual powers. There are totally 9 stones which are termed as “ Navaratnas” in India.



Rudhraksha for
Improves Intelligence and Memory

Rudhraksha is a combination of two Sanskrit word namely (Rudhra-Shiva) (Aksha- teardrops) which is known as the blessings of Lord Shiva. This seed is given high importance by people who are spiritually inclined in Hindu religion.


Crystals for
the Prevailing Problem

Similar to pyramid crystals are oblige solid objects which stimulates positive energy in your surroundings. This oblige object possess the energy of “Earth” ( Pancha Bootha) similar to that of fire energy possessed by Pyramid.


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What Client Says

  • I had highly stressful days for the past two years, nothing seems to be working with my career and personal life. Things started to get worsen day by day as my health condition went really bad, I can’t able to figure out the exact reason. Then I met Mr.Shankar Narayan, were he helped to fix my life issues. He suggested me to wear“ Agate” stone and now my issues are getting sorted one by one, thanks to his suggestions.

    Srinivas Manikandan
  • We were looking a suitable bride for our son since 2016 December. Due to some issues we didn’t get a proper match, then we approached Mr. Shanker Narayan and he suggested my son to perform shani pooja in kalahasthi temple. Now my son got engaged and we are really happy.

  • I know Mr. Shankar for the past 7 years and he has been really suggestive in his profession. Apart from excelling in astrology, gemology and other occult arts his timely suggestions are worthy. He has always been a good guide in my tough times all these years.

    Bharathi Ravichandran
  • I know Mr. Shanker Narrayan since 2011, I got introduced to him through friends. At that time my retail business was running dull and I was facing a huge loss. The Vaastu Pyramid given by him has helped me a lot in improving my business and now I’m leading a happy and peaceful life.


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