Face Reading Astrology

Just like Palmistry Face Reading is the process of interpreting your future by analyzing the face. Face Reading is neither an occult art or nor an psychological approach, yet it is regionally considered as an astrological approach. Physiognomy or “ Face Reading” is the expertised analysis of decoding an unknown individual’s trio-life.

Face Reading Astrology is evolving since the age of Prahaladh and went under various transformation during the period of Socrates, Aristotle, Avicenna, Michael Scott and Gerlamo Cardono, where Gerlamo wrote separately 13 books on forehead reading. Contribution of Kaspar Lavatar and Cesar Lombroso are unmatchable who brought Face Reading to the next level and made it popular. Every parts of the face is known to perform a specific task and helpful in predicting the particular happening of a human life.

Why Face Reading?

Face reading is done for various purpose apart from trio-life analysis which includes like


Analyzing parents life


Career analysis


Marriage life


About children

World-Class Face Reading Based Consultation

Mr. Shanker Narrayan is a world-class consultant who is having vast experience in Face- Reading approach. He is having a deep knowledge in face reading so that he works with every part of face reading to provide you the best prediction and suggestions accordingly.

Want to Know What’s Your Future

How Face Reading Done?

Based on shape of front face

Based on shape of profile face

Studying Eyebrows

Studying Eyes

Based on the color of eyes

Based on nose shape

Based on Lip size

Mouth Analysis

Chin and Jaw analysis

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