Numerology Numbers

Similar to astrology, numerology is also an occult art which is based on predictive analysis of numbers. As astrology is carried out based on planetary positions and its orbital features, numerology numbers for alphabets  is purely based on numbers and its impact on humans based upon their time and date of birth. Numerology is predicted based on standard pattern followed for every individual.
Apart from astrological based purpose, numerology is also used for paranormal activities. Unlike astrology prediction numerology does not have direct involvement of celestial objects in forecasting analysis, rather numerology numbers for alphabets involves only alphabets and its related numeric. Similarity between astrology and numerology is it can be used to predict the future of individual, event and specific region.

Best And Simplified Numerology Consultation

Mr. Shanker Narrayan is known for providing the best numerology service in a more simplified way. His numerological consultation is applicable in every walks of your life, he is highly suggestive when it comes to numerological based predictions. The best example of numerology is the clock pattern which is followed by us, this pattern involves lot of deep rooted logical calculus in it.

The concept of equilateral triangle with 60 degree each and circle with 360 degree falls under numerological concept, which is initially developed by Sumerians and then followed by Babylonian’s in the later stage. Eventhough a huge set of people strongly opposes numerology, still it is equally accepted by large volume of people who follows it seriously.

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